Rev. Sheila Blanco-Pedrosa, Senior Pastor of Harmony Metaphysical Church, is a Clairvoyant Medium, who trained initially under Bishop Hazel Burns, Ebird1meritus (Minister and Clairvoyant Medium with the Rose of Sharon Spiritualist Church in Tampa, FL). She completed her training, at Harmony, under the guidance of Rev. Donna Jean Guerra, Emeritus. Her pastoral license was awarded through Universal Harmony Foundation in 2004, after completion of 2 years of seminary study.

Rev. Sheila is a Meditation Teacher Specialist, having trained under Dr. Susan Taylor PhD, founder of the Center for Meditation Sciences, at the Himalayan Institute in Honesdale, Penn.

Rev. Sheila is also a Critical Care R.N. in the intensive care unit for 39 years. She is currently the presiding president of the Federation of Families,  Healthy Minds, Hillsborough County. She is a true believer that children have a chance at a healthy life when the foundations for emotional wellness / healthy mental state are addressed early in their development.bird2

A Spiritual Truth-Seeker/Practitioner; Rev. Sheila, as she is fondly called, has the ability to engage her audience and exudes an energy on the pulpit that often leads people into a rediscovered sense of self-worth, peace of  mind, serious (and sometimes not so serious) life change and laughter.

Using laughter and encouraging her parishioners to be “thinking” Christians / Metaphysicians, Rev. Sheila presents spiritual concepts in a practical format, making them relevant to modern day training.

Harmony Metaphysical Church is a diverse, inclusive Trans Denominational Spiritual Center; therefore, regardless of the spiritual/religious path you have traveled (past or present), Rev. Sheila encourages you not to “throw out the baby with the bath water”, as you expand your spiritual consciousness.

Change your thinking and change your life!

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