right here each Sunday at 11:30am

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  • Prayer of Attunement

    Father-Mother God Whose Power resides within me,
    Of whose consciousness I am a part,
    In Whom I move and have my being- Cause me to know that You, my Creator,
    Have instilled in me the Power and the Wisdom To create for myself the world in which I live;
    To deliver me from the error of my own negative thinking;
    To lift myself from where I am to where I need to be,
    By releasing all feelings of fear and resentment and disease,
    By forgiving others, as I would be forgiven,
    And by keeping myself in attunement with your Indwelling Presence.
    I thank You for my many blessings,
    For the inner assurance that I am never alone,
    That You and your messengers of light are always with me,
    That I may turn to You for guidance and protection whenever I feel the need-
    For You are the Power and the Wisdom and the Love that Abides with me now and always.
    Together we say Amen.

  • Affirmation Tenets

    1. I Affirm the Fatherhood of God and the Brotherhood of Man.

    2. I Affirm the Eternality of Life-and-Living.

    3. I Affirm the Power of Prayer.

    4. I Affirm the Practice of Spiritual Healing.

    5. I Affirm the Reality of the Psychic Principle.

    6. I Affirm Soul Growth as the Purpose of Life.

    7. I Affirm Fraternal Service as the Way of Life.